Oh Boy, The DohBoyz are coming!

The Dohboyz are an army of 6,666 mutated tasty little treats wreaking havoc in the Metaverse, together they've teamed up to take over their final and biggest obstacle 'The Blockhain'. With every one of us being different carrying our own set of unique properties the Ethereum blockchain doesn't stand a chance. Once you own one of these adorable yet feisty creatures you've confirmed your enlisting in the army so i'll have you know. NO BACKING OUT NOW

Owning a DohBoy grants complete ownership to their commercial rights (Whilst ownership is retained)

Staking (coming soon)


  • 6,666 DohBoy NFT's will be dropped
  • Owning 1 enlists you in the DohArmy
  • Ownership grants access to features and perks

Features & Perks

  • Access to all DohBoyz perks which includes Merchandise, Giveaways and the community DAO
  • Complete ownership of commercial rights
  • Participating in an on-growing community based project


1,666 minted
  • Launch of Rarity Tools
  • ETH Airdrop to select holders
  • Charity Donation
  • First 1666 holders receive free mint to all future DohBoyz NFT drops
3,333 Minted
  • DohBoyz Merchandise
  • Dohboyz 3D Models
  • Charity Donation
  • Floor pricing strategy
5,000 Minted
  • Exclusive giveaways to holders
  • Companion Drop
  • Favorite Flavor DohBoy launch
6,666 minted
  • Commencement of Dohboyz Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  • Charity Donation
  • Surprise to all holders
  • Introducing the $Doh a token that will kick off for each of the genesis DohBoyz that you hold and stake.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the DohBoyz?

The DohBoyz are an army of 6,666 tasty little treats wreaking havoc in the metaverse. They're waiting on enlisting a growing community in order for them to take over their final obstacle 'The Blockchain'

Where can I join the force?

6,666 DohBoyz will be dropped through website launch, if unable to purchase on launch they'll be available on the secondary market (OpenSea)

Why should we buy the DohBoyz?

  1. Once you purchase your new friend, you'll have complete ownership of commercial rights.
  2. Holding a DohBoy gives you access to the DAO where you can stake $Doh and breed your DohBoyz NFT's to create a DohBaby
  3. % of funds will be donated to a charity of the communities choice

What sets the DohBoyz apart from 1 another?

All DohBoyz are unique 1 of 1, they will never be identical, each sharing their own set of properties. A rarity sheet will be released closer to drop in order to analyze which traits are rare.



Founder and Artist of the DohBoyz


Marketing Executive


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